Remove the problem at the source

Remove settled dirt and contaminants from every surface of your home, don’t just push it into the air. The Majestic Surface Cleaner uses superb filtration to remove 99.98% of dirt and dust down to 0.1 micron (three times better than industry standard HEPA designs).

Majestic Bronze Air Purifier

Discover the benefits of the FilterQueen Majestic

Discover the benefits of the FilterQueen Majestic. The Majestic uses its patented bagless cyclonic action and is built in the USA with pride.

  • The Last Surface Cleaner You Will Ever Buy
  • Removes 99.98% of dirt and dust down to 0.1 micron
  • MicrobXTM Pollution Container
  • Low-Profile, Gear-Driven Power Nozzle
  • Advanced Cleaning Ability
  • Extremely Durable, Classic Style

Bagless Cyclonic Action

Ordinary vacuums that use flat filters and bags have numerous holes that let pollutants pass through and right back into your home. With the Majestic Surface Cleaner, airflow is maintained for maximum cleaning ability at all times.

Air is drawn into the center of the cyclone where it is filtered through the filter cones. Instead of scattering dirt and pollutants, the Majestic literally filters them out of the air. Only cleaner, healthier air is released back into your home.

Summit Air Air Purifier for Corona Viruses
Summit Air Air Purifier for Air Particles

MicrobX Pollution Container

A pollution container can be a breeding ground for pathogens that can cling to its surface. The Majestic pollution container is treated by a U.S. EPA registered agent to resist the formation of microbial odors and to protect the container from microbial growth.


The low-profile Power Nozzle, with motor-driven revolving brush, deep cleans carpets and easily glides under furniture. The vinyl bumper protects furniture from accidental nicks, bumps and scratches.

Summit Air Vacuums Deep Cleans Carpets
Summit Air Vacuum Head for HardWood


The Bare Floor Brush safely and effectively cleans hardwood, tile, linoleum and other hard surfaces.

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