My Majestic or Defender isn’t working, how do I get it fixed?

If you are experiencing any performance issue or if something just isn’t right, give us a call and we are happy to help you. We may do some trouble shooting or make arrangements to get you the proper service to get your machine back up and running at top performance. For some common trouble shooting tips, refer to your owner’s manual or click here for some common trouble shooting.

How do I purchase filters?

You can purchase filters by contacting our office or click here. To lock in your savings, you can enroll in our Discount Filter Program. This locks in your savings for life, which means even when our costs go up, you will always pay the same low price! Click here for more information on the Discount Filter Program.

Is there a cost to the service?

If we come to your home, there is just a flat $15 service call fee. Our service technician has over 20 years of experience and will clean up your machines, do a maintenance check, and even give you some tips for making your cleaning experience even easier! There is no cost beyond the $15 unless you choose to purchase any filters, parts, or accessories at the appointment. Our service technician has all parts on hand for any repairs as well as any filters you may need.

How do I get service on my FilterQueen Products?

Depending on your location we may have a service technician that can come directly to your home. If you are located outside of the service technician territory, we can still service your equipment in office, you would just need to ship us the correct parts. Contact our office to determine which option is best for you.

How is the Defender different from other air purifiers?

The Defender filters down to 0.1 micron. Most air purifiers use the HEPA standard of 0.3 micron. Viruses are much smaller than this, around 0.125 micron in size. That means the virus is passing through a HEPA filter and being distributed back into your air. Viruses along with many other pollutants are trapped inside the filter of the Defender Air Purifier. FilterQueen has an outstanding reputation for over 90 years and introduced the Defender Room Air Purifier over 20 years ago. The Defender is manufactured right here in the USA, just outside of Cleveland OH. Unlike other new air cleaners that have arrived on the market after the pandemic, the Defender Room Air Purifier has been recognized by the FDA for over 20 years. It does not produce harmful ozone (commonly emitted from air cleaners like ionizers). The Defender also does not us UV light which the CDC has stated is ineffective at killing viruses in air purifiers.*

The Defender Air Purifier also comes with a perpetual lifetime warranty.

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