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This pack includes everything your Majestic needs to maintain powerful cleaning ability and superior filtration for 12 months. When using this pack you receive the following benefits:

-Highest Filtration
-Allergy Relief
-Odor Control

-Bacteria Protection*

*The BioCone Filter and Majestic Dirt Container are treated by a U.S. EPA registered agent to resist the formation of microbial odors and to protect the filter from microbial growth.

The Majestic Annual Filter Pack includes:

12 Primary Pre-Filter Cones:

This filter must always be used when operating the Majestic. It creates a nearly impenetrable wall against pollutants and protects the life of your Majestic motor.

2 Motor Guards (Flat Disc Filters):

The Motor Guard (Flat Disc Filter) safeguards your Majestic motor to keep it in optimum working condition.

How often to change your filters:

Cones: Change at least once a month.

Motor Guard (Flat Disc Filter): Change every 6 months

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